Jun 16, 2009 · No doubt TeamViewer is one of the best, free remote access and remote desktop sharing software over internet. (**Quick Update** – Teamviewer is a remote desktop sharing software. You should not use TeamViewer to watch movies/ TV shows !

Aug 07, 2017 to use teamviewer do you need internet on both pcs Aug 10, 2010 Click on Connect to partner, and enter the remote computer’s TeamViewer password when prompted. Now you are connected to the remote computer directly over the LAN, without using the internet. Note: To start the TeamViewer LAN connection, please make sure that both computers are in the same network. Dec 25, 2018 · Unfortunately, you need internet to use TeamViewer if you are connecting to a computer which is out of your network. However, if you want to connec to a computer within your network, you can use TeamViewer in LAN mode. Jun 29, 2020 · The TeamViwer also offers to use it online without downloading the software to your computer. You have to make an account to the TeamViewer website of you don’t have already. After that, you can connect to any device from your TeamViewer online account. The developers have developed this as a TeamViewer online use tool.

TeamViewer 10 - Can it be used without internet connection

Wrong settings in the 'hosts' file - The 'hosts' file contains important information about apps connecting to the Internet and it's possible that the entry for TeamViewer got corrupted. Deleting its entry will cause Windows to re-create it so try that to resolve the problem. Antivirus or firewall issues - If TeamViewer's access to the Internet is prevented by the firewall or 1)I wonder if i can access without ny internet connection.I want to have the control of my pc when i am everywhere without necessary to have access to any internet connection ,wifi spot et.c.Every one told me that is not possible.But when i would ask a support from microsoft or other companies for some issues, their technicals connected to my Specificcialy, The "Remote Control>" link on the TeamViewer screen is dead. I suspect it's insisting of seeing an internet connection. Conversely, the client running on my andriod phone can reach the server over the LAN without internet connection. Please fix this! We also need this for our Church which does not have internet services. Thank you.

How To Solve TeamViewer "Commercial Use Suspected!" Problem

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